Zesco prepaid meters in Kafue bad

Sir, for a year now, Zesco prepaid meters have brought more harm than any good to Kafue residents. Zesco customers have to travel long distances to the main Zesco offices to purchase Zesco electricity tokens. The staff at your offices in Kafue are extremely good and committed to serve the community. However, one selling point is far from being enough considering the vast geographical area covered. Zesco offices have their own stipulated working hours which they can not violate.
The only option is to operate like mobile phone service providers who engage dealers to sell tokens closer to their customers. This has been working well in other places, save Kafue. A dealer with questionable financial capacity has been engaged by Zesco to sell electricity tokens, but he has lamentably failed. His two outlets in Kafue have never managed to sell Zesco tokens for more than three days in any given week, given eight hours a day as standard working hours. Mostly the shops are closed, especially during weekends. When the shops open, his staff complain of network failures. How come network failures are not common at Zesco offices in the same town.
As a corrective measure, we the Kafue affected zesco customers shall mobilize ourselves and demonstrate at Head Office to demand the removal of prepaid meters so that we revert to the old postpaid meters. Though this is retrogressive, we have no better option. Your Kafue office has communicated this complaint several times to the Customer Services Manager at Head Office but nothing has been done.
Surprisingly, several Kafue business houses which applied to be dealers for Zesco tokens have had their applications unattended to for a year now. Mr. MD, verify this information. Please sell us Zesco electricity tokens or come and get your prepaid meters. We are fed up.
Concerned Kafue Zesco Customer

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