Zesco promises Copperbelt 12 hours of blackouts everyday


ZESCO Limited wishes to inform its esteemed customers and the general public on the Copperbelt Province, that the Corporation has resolved to revert to the daily load shedding schedule of up to 12 hours on a rotational basis for Copperbelt customers.

This has been necessitated by the continued limitation of power generation capacity as a result of low water levels in our national water reservoirs, especially Kariba dam.

The water levels at the dam are still low, resulting in reduced power generation.
On 13 February 2020, ZESCO Limited adjusted load shedding periods on the Copperbelt province by providing power during night-time and load shedding the area during daytime.
“This implies that countrywide Load shedding of up to 12 hours daily remains critical to protect the power system from collapse and ensure that the available electricity is shared equitably, and generation is sustained into the next rainy season”.
In the meantime, we continue to urge our customers to consistently use power prudently by employing energy efficient initiatives such as using alternative sources of lighting like energy saving bulbs and solar, completely switching off appliances when not in use, gas for cooking and using solar geysers for heating.

Issued by: Hazel M Zulu (Mrs.)
Public Relations Manager
24th March 2020

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    Zesco is f**ked up also is doomed because of corruption,why are we so quit about it we Zambiains are good people that’s why this government has taken advantage of us been quit about every situation,if we stay quit it will be like this for good

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    Yayi 6 days ago

    Ati promises. Promises? As if its a gift?

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    The late and the frank one told us live on TV, “politics of the belly”. It was reported here, substandard turbines requiring more water to generate a fraction of mega watts of its predecessor were bought out of the Eurobond and the change chewed. Those bellies being filled up from the change totally refused. Now rain season is almost over and the dam we are being told is empty. How does it feel to chew Euro on depreciating Kwacha? Oh great! I can buy anything, you name it.

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    Why only copperbelt and we are getting from the same cake, let’s not be cheating us as if we are ignorants

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    dodalawaka 1 week ago

    What is wrong with all this is the BLUE lie pointing to water level in the Kariba dam
    what is the situation with other power generation stations.
    Im at a loss of words, do we have technocrats that can give best analyses on what is obtaining?
    The best reason one can point out is that the demand for Power has risen in recent past and capacity to produce power is limited because of failure to invest in the system
    or may be you are using poor standrd power generators and cannot get the required power generation capacity or output
    May be if you said so i can agree with you
    The problem in this country is that you want to give people Bullshit stories thinking everyone will buy it
    Lets be open about the problems and commit to resolve them
    This will not help our economy already suffering cadiac arrest because of the ever falling Kwacha
    Address real issues and give people hope by giving us real stories
    ZESCO you can do better than this…………………………………