ZESCO replacing young professionals with cadres

Zambian youths and jobs are reaching a crossroad every day from the time the PF took over power from the MMD government in the last held general elections… ZESCO has gone on rampage firing young and energetic youths at the expense of the old and tired men and women who I believe can’t wait for their six to two years before their retirement age is due. Editor, for now I ask that you withhold my identity for the sake of my safety and am one of the victims. Last week ZESCO management fired eight employees who are in their prime working careers, these employees who have been fired are said to be a threat to some management stay at ZESCO….One of the fired employee was fully sponsored by ZESCO to study a BSC in Economics at one of the Universities in Zambia, I guess the company had spent quite a lot of money which belongs to the people of Zambia. Instead of this person receiving either a promotion or a congratulatory letter from management for successfully completing the degree, management decided to fire this employee, another employee fired from the group was invited to attend interviews for the position of Public Relations manager at ZESCO- the position that has been vacant for the past one year. Again instead of receiving an appointment letter for the position of Public Relations Manager or a regret letter, this person received a dismissal letter from management… I guess the crimes some of these employees committed was to have applied to the advertisement that appeared in the media last year for the position Of PR Management and going to university.

Some of ZESCO’s values state that ZESCO shall be honesty in all its dealings and being fair to its customers and employees. Where is the honesty and fairness in this?

The people who are supposed to be fired at ZESCO include the following; Besty Phiri-Director Corporate Affairs and business development and Morecome Mumba Director Human Resources. These two gentlemen have failed ZESCO and the Zambian people, as for Bestty, he has failed to give direction to ZESCO employees and the people of Zambia in as far as Tariff application is concerned. He has failed to employ a Public Relations Manager one year down the line..This is the more reason stakeholders have no confidence in this management. How can a company with an asset base worthy more $400million decides not to have a public relations manager-This is the worst and reckless performance exhibited by Besty. As for Morecome, this guy is every day employing relations and politicians children at the expense of the many qualified Zambians.

The PF campaigned on the promise of job creation, but what is happening at ZESCO is contrary to the PF slogan. I ask President Sata to ask his Children who work for ZESCO not those cadres who have been compromised by Morecome, His children will give him a clear picture of what is happening at ZESCO.

I rest my case as I now go to look for a job elsewhere.

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