Zesco runs out of Pre-paid metres

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has run out of pre-paid metres and desperate clients are paying K500 to get connected.
A source from the ZESCO faults department disclosed that the metres ran out about two months ago and they were depending on metres that were returned to be repaired which they are now selling to desperate customers at K500.
“We are still waiting for the consignment of the pre –paid metres but if you need one we can supply you but you have to pay K500 then we get from faults department,” revealed the ZESCO worker.
And one affected customer has appealed to ZESCO management to normalise the situation because the shortage was forcing desperate clients to succumb to corruption.
“ We expect more corruption when the pre-paid metres come because of the long list of clients on the waiting list,” one affected client said.

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