Zesco says filling of Kafue Gorge dam won’t reduce load shedding

Zesco says filling of Kafue Gorge dam won’t reduce load shedding

Now Zesco says even if the dam fills up, there will be no reduction in electricity loadshedding.
The entire PF regime and Zesco has been singing that once the Kafue Gorge power project is completed and the dam filled, electricity loadshedding will be a thing of the past.

Last week they even made the country endure 48 hours of darkness in the pretext that they want to fill the dam so that loadshedding can end or at least reduce drastically; but now that the dam has filled up, Zesco has started speaking in tongues

Listen to Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata speaking this morning on Radio Phoenix.

He says load shedding will depend on this season’s rainfall and planning by engineers but that the filling of the day should not excite anyone as it has nothing to do with loadshedding

These people are so annoying ai.

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    Tony Gassner 2 weeks ago

    I am resident in South Africa, making trips to my country of birth, whenever possible. It heartens me to read & see when there, the upliftment of Zambians by their own bootstraps, expressing mature opinions like the comments above. How sad (as per one comment) that corruption at high levels, is negating what the folk are doing.
    Twice in recent years attempting to regain Zambian citizenship I have faced a wall raised by avarice, handing out about 27 thousand Kwacha with no result.
    Perhaps salaries are not being paid. I still love Zambia. May God bless you.

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    Pastor Bible 2 weeks ago

    Its like telling your children from January to November to make requests to father Christmas who gives presents in December and then guess what on December 1st 2020 you say that father Christmas has just died

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    findout 2 weeks ago

    You may wonder why Lungu was confident to promise the people in Ngabwe that he is coming back after 2021 elections ,, has he already inveted a plan to steal the election?some thing that all opposition political players must be worry about and stay Vigilant.

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    Njekwa wa lubinda 3 weeks ago

    Chipante pante, chimbwi no plan. They heard it from Alex Mulyokela(poor people’party). Very soon they will start printing more money. We are doomed to oblivion.

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    Not trust worthy. What kind of people are they???

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    Voting out the current regime is the only solution.
    After that let’s break Zesco monopoly of supplying power.

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    Ichikwanka 3 weeks ago

    These are criminals, they are selling electricity to other countries, those increased hours of load shedding they made millions of dollars for playing around the country bribing people and visionless chiefs who are politically inclined to pf when they are supposed to be non partisan. This regime is a crop of demn liers. What can you expect from them. I hear they are waiting for another presidencial Jet bought from Russia arriving somewhere in December but failing to pay the bamwankole… Your time of reckoning is nearing….

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      If the commissioning of one of the generators at Kafue gorge lower hydro-power station will not decrease loadshedding. Then why is the government spending colosal sums of money constructing the generation station?

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    Power Buddy 3 weeks ago

    It was Lungu himself that promised loadshedding would be over before the end of this year.
    He was lying through his teeth.
    Until you get your own solar system, the problem won’t go away!

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    🤣🤣🤣🤣, what can we say 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    Godfrey Chilufya 3 weeks ago

    The Minister of energy’s fingers will be cut because he promised Zambians are eagerly waiting for March 2021.

    • comment-avatar
      Kalok 3 weeks ago

      Me I said let’s just cut the finger off of that Minister’s hand and get him a prosthetic one in advance. PF guys are just too much. Tutwa has not stripped over Bill 10; Mwila has not resigned as SG over Roan election results… etc. etc.

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    Stupid Idiots 3 weeks ago

    They are actually clueless and visionless dogs who do not deserve a minute in the corridors of the utility company. They probably can do better as garbage collectors. Stupid Idiots.