Zesco should not acquire $2 billion for PF campaigns


By Anthony Bwalya

Here is another reason why you should be sensible about how you vote in 2021: every vote cast in favor of the Patriotic Front (PF) will be an accessory to crimes against your motherland, the land of our forefathers.

And as you think about why your electricity bill was hiked 250% in the Two (2) years post 2016, here is some perspective…. for free.

In 2016, at the height of a general election, and post the dissolution of Parliament, the PF realized they needed emergency campaign money in MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

So, a scheme was hatched by the PF in which ZESCO were compelled to hastily contract a bogus $500m loan from a NON FINANCIAL institution called STAG African Renewable Energy, a South African company, supposedly to pay off some of its numerous arrears on various obligations. Except, ZESCO only needed $350m of this money. But why a sovereign guarantee of $500m was signed by the PRESIDENT was to funnel the extra $150m to PF 2016 campaigns.

The sovereign guarantee was illegal.

Only the MINISTER OF FINANCE has the authority to sign off on sovereign guarantees, otherwise every thug in a suit and walking government corridors can commit Zambia and Zambians to debt, exactly as is the case under this criminal, mafia PF regime.

You all remember, how Margaret Mwanakatwe, as her first order of business on her appointment as Minister of Finance, she CANCELLED this illegal $500m “sovereign guarantee” by the President. What Maggie did not tell the nation was how much money had actually moved under this illegality or what had changed.

She just overturned a decision made by the HEAD OF STATE, and this is enough to tell you that the President had acted illegally and for the benefit of the PF.

But, here we are AGAIN!

The PF and the President know that in 2021, they will need an awful lot of money to BUY the election – literally. They know they are about to be voted out of power by the people. So they need to buy the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ). They need to buy the Zambia Police. They need to buy the Judiciary. They need to buy polling agents. They need to pay THUGS to take over polling stations. They need to pay for a lot of things!

Enter the bogus $2.14bn loan by ZESCO. No urgency for the money, no plan for it but they want $2.14bn! This money is the size of the entire Kafue Gorge Lower project, and close to the size of our Euro bond.

This money is NOT for ZESCO. This is PF campaign money. And this is why Dr. Bwalya Ngandu, the Finance Minister, has REFUSED to sign off on the sovereign guarantee in respect of this bogus loan and instead, the PF have asked another one of their stooge perfectly placed at the Bank of Zambia – the NEW governor, to do their dirty work and sign that damn sovereign guarantee!

And again, the source of this $2.14bn the PF want to borrow through ZESCO is NOT financial lending institutions. It is international loan sharks who will demand a PREMIUM for their money. Can the PF regime disclose the terms and conditions underlying this loan? Can ZESCO tell the Zambian people why they need $2.14bn without an investment plan?

Listen, if you vote for the PF in 2021 and then wake up to another 250% hike in electricity tariffs, do not complain about it. They will come and tell you the same old story about “cost reflective” tariffs, and they will pay off a whole bunch of useful idiots, both individuals and institutions, to sell you the garbage story.

But truth is, you and your children, and the children of your children, will be paying for the cost of the PF 2021 campaigns.

Ati 2021 NAFUTI NAFUTI KA? EDGAR LUNGU 2021 AND BEYOND KA? Tolenimo amano.


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