Zesco to increase hours of load shedding – Kapata

ZESCO Limited is set to increase the hours of load shedding following a further drop in water levels at Kariba Dam and Kafue Gorge.

ZESCO Spokesperson Henry Kapata has explained to QFM Radio that the power utility company is also trying to safeguard machinery from damage through this measure.

Kapata says the power utility company is being very careful in the utilization of the remaining waters.

He has also advised Zambians to embrace the use of energy saving bulbs in order to help save power.

Kapata explains that when the company distributes about 1, 300 energy saving bulbs the country is expected to save about 50 Mega Watts of power.

Currently the load shedding lasts over eight hours per day.

A report by the Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) indicates that ZESCO spilled 19 billion cubic metres of water over a period of 87 days in 2011.

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