Zesco to increase loadshedding from current 8 hours

Zesco to increase loadshedding from current 8 hours


By Chileshe Mwango

Zesco Limited has announced that it is in the process of revising the current eight hours load shedding schedule upwards.

ZESCO says this is despite the last revisions made from 4 to 6hrs and now 8hrs because demand has gone up due to the fact that people are not complying with the schedule and are abusing power once power restored.

ZESCO Limited Director for Strategy and Corporate Services, Patrick Mwila has also disclosed that the power deficit has increased from 240megawatts in April this year to 750megawatts.

Meanwhile, reduced water levels in Lake Kariba have forced power utility, ZESCO limited to operate only two power generating machines at Kariba North Bank out of the six machines.

And Kariba North Bank Station Manager Edward Simbaya has disclosed that ZESCO is only producing up to 290 megawatts of electricity per day instead of the normal 500 megawatts.

Briefing Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa and the parliamentary committee on energy who are in Siavonga district for a familiarization tour of the Kariba North Bank, Engineer Simbaya said reduced electricity production is aimed at ensuring sustaining production beyond this year.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Mathew Nkhuwa says government is hopeful that the various efforts being put in place such as the construction of the Kafue gorge lower power station will improve power supply once they materialize.


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    This load shedding in Zambia is caused by the PF leadership who could not take up HH’s suggestion way back in 2015. HH said that if he were in power, he would take only three months to fix the issue of lack of enough electric power in Zambia. He said that in three months, he would build solar generating plants in each District in Zambia so as to cut off domestic power usage from the hydro electric power. Leave hydro electric power to industrial use only and solar energy to household use.HH challenged the PF todo this but they went to sleep bsying themselves with how to use the constitution to put HH out of politics so that they hide their wrongs. To day we have 12 hours in a day without electricity. If they had brains like HH would we be having load shedding? It leaves Zambians with the choice of who has the intelligence, wisdom and the ability to find solutions to problems in our country. Is it UPND or PF? Judge.

  • comment-avatar
    thomas 2 weeks ago

    Are the turbines new?

  • comment-avatar
    King Israel Ng'andu 2 weeks ago

    But this is too much now to have this same thing so called loadshedding. Infact many things by now are stationary especially to us who uses power when working. And its not only that but also things that are in refrigilators wich ar wasting.

  • comment-avatar
    abbort Mumbwe 2 weeks ago

    Thats not load shedding but power outage.
    UNZA produce useless graduates who can not offer solutions to current problems.

  • comment-avatar
    Investor 2 weeks ago

    What a joke, I live I Kabulonga and on Saturday we had 14 hours out, Sunday 12.5 hours and Monday 10.5 houRachel. So where is the 8 hours???? It amazes me that such incompetent people are allowed to run a company!!! And then lie to the people of Zambia!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Tolilo 2 weeks ago

    Problems of water levels started after installing ‘new turbines’,the conclusion of the matter is that the turbines are not efficient.

  • comment-avatar
    Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

    Jokers with no solutions.

  • comment-avatar
    Miles Mulenga 2 weeks ago

    Get solar – Zesco is a dead duck…..!