ZESCO union warns Sexy PF provincial chairman Sturdy Mwale

National Energy Sector Workers’ Union has warned PF Copperbelt province Pf chairperson and other PF thugs not to interfere with public affairs, emphasizing that belonging to the ruling party did not mean that someone has power to control government.

NESAWU Secretary general Manson Mutambo sounded the warning following Mwale who recently addressed ZESCO workers at the regional office in Ndola. Mutambo said Mwale’s action was uncalled for and added that PF cadres must leave matters of public companies in the hands of management and boards in the respective companies.

Sexy Mwale who was called ready handed having sex with a married workmate when he worked as an office equipment technician at Photocopy and Office Machines Company in Ndola, where he was also fired for stealing a customer’s fax machine is an overzealous PF thug who recently asked media houses to ask for permission from PF when hosting opposition leaders. He has remarried over three times and still keeps concubines within and outside the PF.





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