ZESCO/DSTV call centres should be Toll free

Dear Editor,
Yesterday (8.02.15) most parts of Livingstone had power failure starting from the night of 7.02.15. to about 18hrs of yesterday.

I called the call centre but was disappointed that apart from putting me on hold for long it took the person who attended to me about a minute before actually attending to me. Meanwhile my talk time was being consumed.

We have complained before that Zesco and DSTV should have TOLL FREE numbers because its so expensive for consumers to suffer twice ( the disservice of unannounced power failure and high electricity rates).

In that way they will  pay the  price of their inefficiency and also give back to their clients benefits of their corporate responsibility. This would make a lot of sense.

Please consider this proposal.

D. P.  Mungonyinga

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