ZESCO’s eternal temporal workers

Modern slavery is being practiced in our own beloved Zambia, specifically  in the big conglomerate called  ZESCO LTD.
I have been a temporal employee for the last 5 years with constant promises of permanent employment or contract.Many more are in this plight as we have no representation and therefore no voice. ZWD is our only voice.
Despite these 6 months renewable short contracts I, with my own two naked eyes, have witnessed individuals who have
done a mere three months being offered contracts leaving us languishing. The nepotism is so rampart and naked that its shameless.
I write this letter so that bloggers can help me(us) to broadcast this cry for ‘FREEDOM’ in our own beloved mother Zambia.
Simply put , ” P L E A S E   H E L P   U S   A T   Z E S C O   W E   H A V E   S U F F E R E D   L ON G   A N D   H A R D ” .
We are equally Zambians like any one else. We appeal to the powers that be to have mercy on us.
The Anti Corruption Commission can secretly verify these claims.
I rest here.
Yours frustrated and depressed, but still working hard.
Thank you.

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