Zesco tariffs to be increased just after elections if Lungu wins

The cost of electricity will be increased within the first week after elections if PF president Edgar Lungu would be re-elected, the Watchdog has established.

Sources from Government and Zesco have confirmed that Lungu only reversed the increments to win elections but assured both Zesco and Energy Regulation Board that they will be allowed to increase just after elections.

Meanwhile, the same people who were praising Lungu when he ordered Zesco to increase the tariff charges are the same people who are now in the forefront praising him for ‘reducing’ the charges. That time they said the charges are the lowest in SADC so Lungu did well to increase them,but now they are saying the poor will benefit?????

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has commended President Lungu for directing Zesco to reverse the recently hiked electricity prices to old ones following a public outcry against the new prices.
ZCTU secretary general Cosmas Mukuka said in a statement that the reduction of electricity tariffs is welcome.
“ZCTU welcomes the President’s directive because many people had complained over the high cost of the new electricity tariffs and the effect this was having on people’s budgets,” he said.
Mr Mukuka said the high cost of electricity tariffs following the recent increase had also pushed up the cost of production and that this cost burden would have been passed on to consumers.
He said the decision by President Lungu is a clear demonstration that he is ready to listen to people’s complaints and that ZCTU is happy that the reversion to the old tariffs will bring relief to the large majority.


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