ZIAL Mediocrity and negative pass rate


Dear Editor,
Allow me to share my thoughts on the ongoing debate on the pass rate at Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE). It is invigorating to be on Zambian Watchdog everyday, we browse at every given opportunity, even when we wake up at night to go and answer the call of nature, it is simply our way of life. Thanks for your presence.
As a student at ZIALE, I feel among other reasons why people fail at that Babylon are:
1. TOO MANY STUDENTS: Where on earth do you have a student – lecture ratio of 1:300 and expect learners to pass? Nonsense, at times I wonder whether I am in Zambia or Northern Rhodesia. Why can’t we have two training centres, say one on the Copperbelt, are you telling me that the only people who can teach law in Zambia are those we have at ZIALE? Surely can you say the students are dull when out of 200 only 6 pass? Those who have done education help us please, is this normal?
Let me mention some few names:
(a) William Mweemba: The man is something else, he always comes with a piece of people where he reads out whatever he things is what you are supposed to learn, no explanations. His eyes are only off the paper when then the lesson is over. Is this competence?
(b) Michael Musonda: The man can boast like no man’s business. On top of that the man is very vulgar, for example: You chaps you behave like pedestrians with loose thinking, I am just doing this for for charity, the number of people who have passed are too many, I have to remark the paper, you know, when I was in England, blah blah blah, ….. In a lesson of an hour the man just teaches for 15 minutes, the first 45 is for boasting.
Musonda even says, some of you students from universities which also sell free-zits, you expect to pass here? Is there such a university in Zambia? Please help me.Surely, students pass or fail due to what they have been taught by that particular lecturer and their ability to understand/research on their own. Is it just inferiority complex that he teaches company law and has not been able to open a university (company) and has opted to be a worker for the rest of his life? Should Zambia only have lawyers from one university? And when the students from other universities such as UNILUS, CUZ, ZAOU’ CSU etc come out to be the best students no comment is made. What mediocrity is that. I am from UNZA but I don’t like it. Please Watchdog send someone (he or she must be in black suit and white shirt ) tomorrow Friday, you will hear Musonda ranting in his usual way.
(c) Solly Patel. The man is old and he has some hearing problem, we often say: “The man who does not hear us, and whom we can hear has come”. Honestly, expect good lawyers to come out of this? You are learning but you can’t get what someone is saying, one asks a question, the man has to move to the back so that the questioner can speak into his ear! Whats that?
3. Other issues in the next article. But Iwant to thank the other lecturers who are doing there best in making us get everything there is to learn ZIALE.
PLease hide my identity, these guys can give me negative 10%

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