ZICTA selling your phone activites to lovers and business competitors

Some senior employees of the Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) are selling confidential information the authority obtained through Simcard registration.
A source at the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication has disclosed that a number of ZICTA employees headed… by Director of Corporate Affairs Mofya Chisala a Patriotic Front cadre have been divulging confidential information on Mobile Phone subscribers to third parties. The source said the information is normally sold to people who would want to know phone activities by business competitors, spouses or just lovers.

The source named other ZICTA employees involved in the scam as a Mr. Boniface Siakakonge in-charge of security who was recently brought to ZICTA from Anti Corruption Commission in unclear circumstances by Mofya Chisala who is also anxiously waiting to take over from Margaret Chalwe Mudenda as Director General when Mrs. Mudenda’s contract expires in June 2014.Others in the scam are a Mr. Clifford Chomba who is manager connections and a Mr. Namakando who is Manager revenue. The source said Boniface Siakakonge who is a very junior officer has even been allocated a personal to holder vehicle Nissan Hardbody.

“From the money they are making by selling confidential information, Boniface has become big headed. Last week we hear he even went to an extent of picking up a quarell with his boss Choolwe Nalubamba. We need help from you the Watchdog to expose this like the way you exposed that Siame from Zambia Revenue Athority (ZRA) who has finally been fired.That Mofya boy who coincidentally is also from ZRA is messing up ZICTA. I know you you can even find out where they meet to exchange information” the source said.

The source said Mofya is abusing his office especially that he was in-charge of the Simcard registration committee at ZICTA.” You know all Simcard registration data is kept at ZICTA and Mofya was in-charge of the simcard registration excercise so he is taking advantage of priveledged information” the source said.

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