ZICTA, Airtel dragged to court for tapping phones

T wo Lusaka based Journalists have asked the Lusaka High Court to join the Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) in a matter in which they have sued Airtel Nerworks Zambia for diverting their messages to and from their numbers between 2013 and 2014. However ZICTA has objected to the joinder saying it has no interest. According to a search conducted at the Lusaka High Court, the two journalists Thomas Allan Zgambo and Clayson Hamasaka contend that Zicta should be joined to the matter not as a respondent but as a friend of court to give clarity to the case as a regulator. Zicta in its response through an affidavit signed by Director of Corporate Affairs Mofya Chisala however say the institution can not be joined because it is not an operator. However, in their skeleton arguements the two journalists through their lawyer Willis Muhanga of AKM Legal Practitioners argue that unless Zicta has something to hide, it is supposed to be joined to assist the court know the truth on public interest since Zicta was created with the objective of safeguarding public interest. In this matter, the two Journalists have sued Airtel Zambia trading as Airtel Networks PLC for alleged diverting their messages to a number created in the name of Elias Phiri. They claim that their messages to and from prominent people among them current serving Ministers were diverted. See court documents attached.


  • So aitel is not safe..?

  • I am leaving airtel now!!!. Malabbishi. that is why people are being killed messages go to wrong people always.

  • ZiCTA kaale ba mishita…How dare we have such investors.

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    gruesome twosome 7 months

    The only way for a Zambian communicator or user of communications device to avoid being bugged, tracked, having your conversations monitored, having text messages is to have a satellite phone.

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  • Airtel Too Much Problems We Are Lost Hope In Them And Personaly I Give Mtn 100% The Way They Are Servicing The People.

  • Airtel They Are Having Incoviniences In Their Servicing System.

  • In this case,let all those using Airtel networks stop using their cards,this network company does not have confidetiality.For me,i have destroyed all my Airtel simcards.

  • friend of the Court!! LAZ likes that

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