ZICTA orders Airtel to remove complaints blocking machine from Call centre

The Zambia Information & Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) says Airtel Zambia has an automated call blocking system at its call centre which bars all numbers that  call the centre more than three times in any one day.

ZICTA acting Public Relations Manager Chisha Shimungala said in statement that  this practice is an affront to consumers’ rights and interests as it denies them the right to make complaints.

He says the practice deprives consumers of the privilege to contact their service provider when necessary.

Shimungala explained that Section 67 of the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Act  states that all service providers must deal reasonably with their consumers and address consumer complaints.

She said the failure to adhere to this requirement constitutes an offence and any service providers found wanting is liable to prosecution.

Shimungala revealed that ZICTA has directed Airtel to immediately cease the practice failure to which the Authority will invoke provisions of the Act and take stern action against the operator.

She has further advised consumers and the general public to report to ZICTA non adherence to the directive byAirtel.

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