Zicta recording government officials

Zicta recording government officials


We are not saying that what the PS and State House political adviser are discussing here is right.

But we are shocked to see how vulnerable people close to the president are.

This recording was done by ZICTA and some elements within the OP. If these government officials are recording the president’s men, is it not logical to conclude that the president’s phone calls are recorded and shared to his enemies?

How can you run government effectively when ZICTA is in the hands of PF? How much damage has ZICTA caused so far? Is this not the same ZICTA which switched off social media on voting day thereby sending everyone in panic and almost disrupting the opposition?

Why are those PF operatives still running ZICTA? Whose interests are they serving? What lies have they told for them to continue running one of the key, security wings of the state ?

Maybe president H thinks the people are ZICTA love him. Well, they don’t. In fact they despise you. They don’t wish you well. They would love to have ECL there anytime. But of course they will not tell tell you this. When they meet you, they will call you ‘your excellency. They will kneel down before you. It’s a lie. It’s only their salaries they are kneeling for. When the opportunity arises, then will strike you.


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