ZICTA threatens to shut down Zambezi FM on flimsy grounds

As the political campaigns hype for the forthcoming presidential by-elections, ZICTA in a suspicious move and in collaboration with a Patriotic Front funded Falls FM radio are threatening the closure of Zambezi FM Radio for indefinitely.

Information gathered is that Zambezi FM which has been in operation for the past Eight years, has never had any problems to do with frequency interferance into the aviation sector as it is being claimed by ZICTA.

The move has taken staff at the Commercial radio station aback as the allegation of inteferance with the aviation frequency on the Zimabbwean side begs much to be desired.

Staff are wondering as to why ZICTA is pushing for the closesure of the station when as technical experts, they know how best they can clear whatever interferance that may be there as per they claim.

According to details gathered, it appears, the problem only came in when QFM Radio planted its relay antennas at the same place, Mosi-oa-Tunya Building which houses another PF funded Falls FM radio and Muvi TV almost a month old now.

ZICTA findings are that the three stations cannot operate from one place and they have resolved that only one station remains operation and it is believed that the organisation is likely to favour Patriotic Front funded Falls FM being managed by Innocent Kabwe who has vowed to bring down Zambezi FM Radio due past differences.

It is understood that Innocent Kabwe has a grudge with his former employers Zambezi FM who he has openly declared that he will bring them down as a way to revenge.

It is understood that Innocent Kabwe has been boasting carelessly on the streets and drinking places in Livingstone that he will fix Zambezi FM at all costs.

It is believed that Falls FM is fully funded by Kitwe PF district chairman George Lungu who is a mine supplier and he’s also a former MMD strongman who until the ascendnacy to power of the PF regime while Innocent Kabwe is a partner who only provided the plan for the station and currently operates on remote with only one man standing and that is Innocent while qualified staff have failed to last due to abuse.

Currently, some qualified staff including journalists, announcers and marketing staff who were kicked out by Innocent Kabwe have since taken him to the labour office where cases are still pending.

It is understood that he has defied all instructions to pay them their dues and vowed never to pay them at all.

Right now Falls FM and QFM Radio have shut down

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