Zim police may be brought in during elections

Zim police may be brought in during elections

Zimbabwe police at work

Zambia Police Services (ZPS) is willing to work with the Zimbabwe Republic Police during the presidential and general elections scheduled for next month, Zimbabwe state  controlled newspaper ‘The Herald’ reported.

ZPS Inspector General Francis Kabonde said they were geared up to ensure that peace and tranquility prevailed in Zambia during the elections.
“What we do as police officers in Africa is the same. We need officers here in Zambia even if they are to work here since we need peace and tranquility to prevail. On September 20 this year we will be holding elections and we will ensure that we hold them peacefully,” he said.

Insp-Gen Kabonde was addressing senior ZRP officers following a courtesy call at his offices in Lusaka on Tuesday. More than 240 ZRP senior officers and recruits were on a one-week educational tour of shrines for liberation fighters killed during the struggle. Insp-Gen Kabonde said it was important that the recruits and youths understood the history of their country.

“It gives encouragement and it is our hope that Zambians would also join in the tours since Zimbabwe was born out of Zambia,” he said.

Head of the delegation, Depot Commandant Senior Assistant Commissioner Grace Ndebele said as part of their curriculum, the ZRP recruits were being taught the Political History of Zimbabwe and that is why they had embarked on such tours.

“Some reporters write positively about the liberation of the Zimbabwe while others negatively, resulting in some of these “born frees” not being able to understand the country’s history,” she said.

She applauded their Zambian counterparts for the support they were continuing to give them during the visits.

“Zambia is a peaceful country just like us in Zimbabwe. I would like to assure you that peace would be maintained in both countries.

“If Zambia is peaceful so is Zimbabwe. Peace would be maintained and cherished,” Snr Asst Comm Ndebele said.

“We will also be there for you as you would also be there for us,” Snr Asst Comm Ndebele said.

ZPS deputy divisional commander in Zambia’s central province Assistant Commissioner Luckson Sakala who also addressed officers at his offices in Kabwe, applauded the ZRP for maintaining peace

in their country. He said they had put in place adequate measures to ensure that peace prevailed before, during and after elections.

“We are going to do everything possible to ensure that peace prevails before, during and after the elections. We want to maintain our records.

Recently, Zambia’s Minister of Home Affairs Mr Mkhondo Lungu was quoted saying indiscipline and unprofessional conduct among police officers could trigger violence in an election period. He said

that during an election people’s emotions were usually high making it difficult for the police to maintain law and order.

“Such a scenario would not just be an embarrassment to the Zambia Police Services itself but would also dent your image and erode public confidence in the service.

“It is important therefore, to reflect on this issue very seriously and ensure that professional conduct and impartiality are exhibited at all times,” Mr Lungu said

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