Zimbabwe opposition condemn Sata for chanting Mugabe’ slogans

Visiting Zambian President Michael Sata came under heavy attack from the two MDC parties for turning yesterday’s official opening of the 53rd edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo into a Zanu PF function after he chanted President Robert Mugabe’s party slogans during his keynote address.
Sata, who officially opened the 53rd edition of the ZITF, raised his fist Zanu PF style and chanted Pamberi . . . pamberi ne jongwe, (Forward with the cock — the Zanu PF party symbol)” drawing the ire of MDC-T and MDC officials present at the State function.These included MDC-T vice-president and Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, MDC-T national chairman and Speaker of the House of Assembly Lovemore Moyo, Parastatals minister and MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairman Gorden Moyo and Water Resources Management and Development minister Samuel Sipepa Nkomo (MDC-T MP for Lobengula).

The event itself was organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade headed by MDC president Welshman Ncube.

Sata is on record as lampooning Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and labelling him a puppet of the West.

MDC–T national spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said Sata went overboard in his bid to impress Mugabe and, “in the process turned a non-political event into a political one”.

“Sata was trying to impress President Mugabe, a visiting president must always respect and bear sentiment to Zimbabwe,” he said.

“However, we are a government of national unity and uttering or making a slogan of one national party unfortunately converted this non-political event into a political one. Whatever Sata said after such an action therefore lost all its meaning.”

MDC organising secretary Qhubani Moyo said Sata “just got excited”.

“Sata’s Zanu PF slogan chant does not surprise us. In fact, it makes us understand more that his (Sata) background is linked to Zanu PF.”
In his official remarks, Sata emphasised the importance of funding agricultural activities to ensure food security.

“Agriculture remains an essential asset in Zimbabwe and Zambia and continues to ensure food security.

“The countries are endowed with vast land that enhances increase in food production to alleviate poverty reduction,” he said.


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    Headman Kagoli - Monze District 6 years

    Ukwa takes opportunity of every public stage to showcase his antics, not really a surprise!


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    Mandona Alex 6 years

    Lesson 101 for PF cadres: When you accept that MCS is our President does not mean you cannot criticise some of his actions. And when you criticize, it doesn’t mean you don’t accept him as our President.

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    Danny Kuya 6 years

    This is not surprising. Sata does not respect people who do not fight their own battles. Sata fought his battle to become PRESIDENT without outside crying for EXTERNAL support and intereference.

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    lunga wa mwaza 6 years

    How can u pipo forget so easily, is it not the same madala who was demanding for an apology from bingu for deporting him simply becoz he was in the opposition, so he wants morgan to demand for an apology from the zambian govt wen he becomes president

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    allergic to corruption! 6 years

    Shame on all that voted for PF, you deserve what your President is doing to you, dont complain! What did you expect?

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    Think Tank 6 years

    you can not teach an old dog new tricks.

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    DontKubebaYazanda 6 years

    @Kalumbwa, please remember that there is a big difference between supporting a government in power and supporting a party in power. Mind you, going by your same argument of supporting who is in power, the Zimbabwe govt is a govt of National Unity, bringing together THREE parties in govt – ZANU-PF, and the two MDC factions. So, if the idea was to support the party in power, he should then have chanted slogans for all the three parties, or just kept quiet on slogans. Supporting does not mean chanting slogans, because then he reduces himself almost to party cadre level. Our presido just demonstrated his ignorance about the political set up in Zim and rules of protocol. On the other hand, this slogan-chanting makes the man look like a puppet of Mugabe – which is worse than Morgan Tsvangirai being a puppet of the west, as Ata says. Think about this, Kalumbwa: Bingu thought Sata would never come to power, so he harassed him, but Sata became president and look how embarassing it was for Bingu! Now Sata is making the same mistake – he mocks Tsvangirai because he thinks the man can never become president of Zim – what if he wins? Mind you Mugabe will not always be there.

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    Grade 4 for President!

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    marechera the great 6 years

    Sata is surely losing it.we dont need foreign presidents who when invited to attend national events get carried away and start behaving like school going kids.
    He behaviour clearly shows that he is closely associated to Zanu pf.shame on him for propagating propaganda.

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    mwananshiku 6 years

    Misplacement of events.Drama too much.

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    Kaka Wesu 6 years

    Morgan’s time to rule zim was 2008!He shall never rule Zim!Didnt Bingu shoult Viva MMD,Viva RB!Didnt Sir BOB lift a crenched fist a symbol simitar to that of the PF when he came to Zambia that time MMD was in power…who complained?

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    Zuliyana 6 years

    I was mad at the Zambian embassy in Washington for denying me renewal of my Zambian passport; little did I know that they were doing me a big favor by saving me the embarrassment from Satan at state house.

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    steven 6 years

    we must not allow the president to be traveling, its too embarrassing look at what he did in Botswana?

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    TheEngineer (Australia( 6 years

    what did they expect from the fool

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    sata bwalya 6 years


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    Sylvester 6 years

    Sata went to zimbabwe to consult mugabe the specialist on how to stay in state house for ever.

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    @kalumbwa surely your support for pf should not blind u to reality.it is wrong for any visiting president to start chanting slogans of any political party be it a governing party.is it the same sata how was unceremoniously kicked out of malawi only later to be president and what abt the diplomatic wrangles that ensured.zimbabwe will soon go to the polls and imagine morgan winning those polls,what is sata going to do after calling him a stooge?besides zambian and zim are partnering in many areas so the best is to be diplomatic and avoid petty politcs.

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