Zimbabwe wildlife officers kill Zambian

Zimbabwe wildlife officers have shot dead a thirty one year old man of Siavonga on suspicion that he was poaching wild animals in that country. 
Three others who were in the company of the deceased man have been arrested and detained in Zimbabwe‘s Kariba township which borders Siavonga. 
Both police sources at Siavonga Police Station and relatives to the deceased confirmed the shooting and killing of the 31 year old in separate interviews with ZANIS in Siavonga today. 
The shooting and killing of the man who is a resident of Siavonga’s Kanyelele compound took place on Tuesday night
Police reliable sources who were part of a team that rushed to Zimbabwe in the early hours of Wednesday to pick up the corpse revealed that the man was shot in the head and the bullet was still resting inside. 
They identified the deceased man as Billy Moola aged 31 while the three arrested persons have been identified as victor Sibagwe aged 26, Mwape Kalapa 36 and Robert Musonda. 
But Kanyelele headman Vincent Sibagwe dismissed the reasons given by Zimbabwean authorities for shooting Moola as baseless and lacking merit. 
Mr Sibagwe whose young brother is among the three arrested persons said it was shocking to hear the Zimbabwe wildlife officers accuse the four of being poachers despite everyone in the compound knowing that they are fishermen. 
“The four people are mare fishermen who work for a Mr. Musonda an employee of Zesco and all they do for their living is fishing on the lake at night, “he said.  
“ I have always known the deceased person and three others to be fishermen who have always counted on the fishing business to sustain their livelihood, I wonder what type of poaching the Zimbabweans are talking about because these men have never owned any gun including a shot gun in their lifetime,” charged the visibly disturbed headman. 
Mr Sibagwe said the behavior of Zimbabwean authorities was getting out of hand saying it is not the first time a Zambian has been shot dead by Zimbabweans saying it is time government found a solution to the problem. 
And Sam Kalapa, younger brother to Mwape who is in the cells in Zimbabwe disclosed that the Zimbabwe authorities confiscated the boat and nets that the four were using to catch fish. 
Mr. Kalapa said according to his brother’s narration the wildlife officers approached them with their boat and ordered them (the three in cells) to join them living the deceased in the boat. 
He said a few minutes later, the three heard a sound of a gun coming from the place were their colleague had remained with the wild life officers. He said shortly after the officers surfaced with the body of Moola in a pool of blood. 
“My bother revealed to me that the three of them were removed from the boat and taken to the banks of the lake living the deceased person behind. A few minutes later they heard a gun shot and the officers then appeared with the dead body and a sack of fresh game meat,” Sam disclosed. 
Sam explained that his brother alleged that the wildlife officers decided to organize a bag of fresh game meat which they wanted to use as evidence in order to justify their shooting of the man.

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