Zimbabwean man to marry 17th wife

Zimbabwean man to marry 17th wife

Zimbabwe senior citizen marries 16 wives to help increase the country’s population

― He has fought in the Rhodesian bush war to help gain Zimbabwe’s independence.

Now, Misheck Nyandoro, 66, is fighting a different “war” – helping to replenish the country’s population with his 16 wives who have given him a total of 151 children with two more on the way.

Nyandoro said he would be marrying wife number 17 this year-end and his target is to marry 100 wives and have 1,000 children before he dies.

Speaking to Zimbabwean publication The Herald, Nyandoro said he follows a strict four-times-a-night sex schedule to help keep his family growing.

Nyandoro, from Mbire District, Mashonaland Central Province, said he would go to the bedrooms on his schedule every night.

“I then satisfy them before moving onto the next room.”

Nyandoro, who does not work, said his job was to satisfy his wives, who cook, clean, and cater to his every desire.

The family mainly relies on farming and was recently allocated 93 hectares of land near the Mvurwi mountains.

While it was unclear of his wives’ ages, Nyandoro said he keeps marrying younger women because older brides cannot keep up with his insatiable sex drive.

“I alter my behaviour in the bedroom to suit the age of each of my wives.

“I don’t act the same with the young ones as I do with the older ones,” said the self-professed polygamist who started marrying in 1983.

Fifty of his children are in school, six are working with the Zimbabwe National Army, two with police, 11 others in different professions, and 13 of his daughters are married.

If you are wondering if any of his sons are following in their father’s footsteps, one of them actually has, with four wives.

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