Zimbabwean men buying sex using game meat from Zambian women

A village headman of Namomba in Siavonga district has called on the police to arrest Zimbabwean men who are smuggling bush meat in exchange for sex with women in the area.

Headman Boniface Mulopa said there is a rampant increase of Zimbabwean men flocking in the area at night whose businesses were to ask for sex from the women in exchange with the bush meat which they smuggle from that country into Zambia’s Namomba village.

He said that the bush meat which they smuggle using canoes through Zambezi river includes Impala.

Headman Mulopa disclosed this in an interview with ZANIS yesterday.

The village headman said he is sad to discover that some villagers in the area were in the forefront to help Zimbabwean men to propose sex to Zambian women who are in return given the bush meat.

“The smuggling of the bush meat by these foreigners occurs at night when no one could see them of course with the help of our local people. Before crossing the Zambezi river with their canoes, they communicate with friends in the village who give them directions on how to move for fear to be arrested by the neighbourhood watch,’’ he revealed.

“It’s alleged that the same villagers help Zimbabwean men to ask sex from the women because of the language barrier’’ said headman Mulopa.

The village leader has since called on the government to put up a police post that would reduce such kind of occurrences in the area.

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He added that there was need for a night patrol by the police so that the illegal immigrants who seem to have invaded the area could be arrested and dealt with.

Headman Mulopa has however thanked the neighbourhood officers who have been working tirelessly to ensure that there was an end of Congolese’s nationals who almost turned the village as an exit centre to get to Zimbabwe and South Africa illegally.

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