Zimbabwean protesters await president Michael Sata in London

Zimbabwean protesters await president Michael Sata in London

Zimbabweans protesting at their High commission in London

Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom are planning to hold protests against Preisdent Michael Sata when he visits London this week, the Watchdog understands.

Sata is expected to travel to London this Monday to attend  Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

But Zimbabweans living in exile have declared Sata as one of their enemies due to his friendship and support for Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.

An organisation called Zimbabwean Vigil Coalition headquartered in London is coordinating the protests against Sata.

The Zimbabwean vigil holds protests every Saturday at the Zimbabwean High Commission in London.

Zimbabwean Vigil two weeks ago protested and helping Swazi national to protest against King Mswati’s visit to the UK for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

‘We were disappointed that the Queen should invite Africa’s last absolute monarch to what we would regard otherwise as a joyful celebration. Why should the Zimbabwe Vigil be worried about Swaziland? Our answer is that both countries are in the same boat: we both suffer under brutal regimes which deny democracy and abuse human rights,’ said the organisers after successfully protesting.

The Zimbabwean Vigil then explained and vowed that:

‘We regard any friend of Mugabe as our enemy, so if – for instance – President Sata of Zambia comes to London we will also be there to protest. We were interested to read this week of the difficulty Zambia is experiencing getting Zimbabwe to repay its debts.’

Sata has put himself forward as Mugabe’s best ally in the Southern African region.

When he was just elected president, he, from nowhere described Zimbabwe’ prime minister and leader of the opposition Morgan Tsavangirai as a puppet of the West.

He later travelled to Zimbabwe where he started chanting Mugabe slogans and denounced targeted sanctions against Mugabe.

Mugabe is not invited to the Jubilee celebrations and was expelled from the Commonwealth of nations.

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