Zimbabwe’s Kalawa dance group to tour Zambia

A BULAWAYO-based dance group, Kalawa, is set to travel to Zambia for the whole of November to test the waters in preparation for a lengthy six month tour in 2010 in Zambia and Namibia.
The nine-member group’s 22-year-old director, Admire Mudondo told Sunday Leisure on Thursday that Kalawa had exhausted the Zimbabwean market and saw it fit to embark on an ambitious tour which would last for the better part of 2010.
“We believe that we have seen it and done it all in Zimbabwe, so we want to test new markets and we believe that Zambia is an ideal market because we have contacts and relatives there. Ever since the turn of the new millennium Zimbabwe and Bulawayo in particular has given birth to a number of dance groups and since Kalawa is a child of that revolution, we felt that its about time the revolution is taken across the borders.
“There has been a lot of bad publicity about our nation; we want to do our part in wiping out that bad image through showcasing our dance moves. The world out there is asking what good will come out of Zimbabwe. We answer them through our artistic talent, the likes of Iyasa have been at it for years, its our turn to join them. We will be travelling to Zambia next Tuesday and we will only return to Zimbabwe in December. This will be a fact finding mission in preparation for next year’s tour,” said the exuberant Admire.
But who is funding the tour?
“We have sponsors who I am not at liberty to name, although we obviously need more. Some of the money will come from our pockets.
“I also want to take this opportunity to rubbish the belief that dancing is a waste of time and money, we actually make a decent living from it. I don’t know about other groups, but Kalawa members earn more than the average Zimbabwean. We take home 2500 rands a month, on a bad month we take 2000 rands each.”
Kalawa is a mixed sex dance group which was formed in 2005 and it is made up of five girls and four boys. The dance group used to be composed of 11 members but two left the band due to differences.
The girls are Sindisiwe Ngwenya, Lethikuthula Nyoni, Nothando Ncube, Nompumelelo Ncube and Elizabeth Ndiweni. The boys, including Admire, are Brighton Mudondo, Mthabisi Mthembo and Busani Ndlovu.
Kalawa have shared the stage with artistes such as Tongai Moyo, Alexio, Roki and Ndolwane. The band specialises in Rhumba and traditional dance.
“Besides the two, we are also into act dancing; this involves dance moves which tell a story of songs with meaning. For example if a song is about a wedding we act that song by imitating a wedding,” said Admire.

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