ZNBC ‘blacks out’ Nawakwi

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has lodged a complaint against the unfair and unbalanced manner in which ZNBC has been covering its President Edith Nawakwi and the party in general.
FDD National Secretary Nathan Mulonga in his letter to the ZNBC Director General dated 19th December, 2014 complains that after Ms Nawakwi successfully filed her nominations for the forthcoming presidential election,she addressed a multitude of her supporters who had accompanied her , but that ZNBC in its usual fashion to portray her as a leader without following deliberately blacked out the huge crowd that Ms Nawakwi was addressing during the 19:00 hours main news.
Mr Mulonga has reminded the ZNBC Director General that ZNBC is a public broadcaster that is financed by taxpayers hence should not be used as a propaganda platform for the ruling Patriotic Front which is being given unfettered coverage.
He says the conduct of ZNBC is against both the electoral code of conduct and the professional ethics of journalism.
Mr Mulonga states that in a democracy like Zambia,people have the right to information, and that it is the moral and legal duty of ZNBC to cover all political parties in a fair and balanced manner.

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