ZNBC boss Kanyama under probe for stealing money

ZNBC boss Kanyama under probe for stealing money


ZNBC Director General Chibamba Kanyama is under investigation for stealing money.

His chola boy Chika Phiri has already been fired from his job of Director of marketing at the same government controlled media.


ZNBC insiders says church elder Chibamba Kanyama and Chika misappropriated the money they solicited from various companies to conduct a ZNBC end of year party.

‘Some of that money has not been accounted for and the boss and Chika appear to have helped themselves to the difference’ said a source.

Chika was fired about two weeks ago but Chibamba Kanyama has been on leave the past few days and just returned to work.kanyama

According to insiders, it was easy to fire Chika because even though he was a senior official, he was not a political appointee.

But disciplining Chibamba requires the approval of politicians who appointed him.

Kanyama and Chika are very close. Some people say Chika is Kanyama’s chola boy.

When Kanyama was working as corporate affairs direcot at Zambia State Insurance Corporation, he gave Chika a job as Head – Marketing & Business Development.

When he was given a job at ZNBC, he called Chika and gave him the job of marketing director.

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