ZNBC boss purging journalists perceived to be in opppsition

ZNBC boss purging journalists perceived to be in opppsition

Incompetent ZNBC DG, victimizes staff on allegations that they belong to Kambwili’s party

Public Broadcaster ZNBC Director General, Richard Mwanza has embarked on a witch-hunt to cover his gross incompetence.

In his cowardly acts, Mwanza has targeted union officials accusing them of belonging to the National Democratic Congress(NDC).

He has fired its human resources director Zebina Kaonga for refusing to effect questionable transfers and dismissals on unionised employees perceived to be opposition National Democratic Congress sympathisers.

According to sources within ZNBC, Kaonga was fired last Friday for refusing to effect transfers for Zambia Union of Broadcasters and other Information Disseminators (ZUBID) president Chomba Yumbe and finance secretary Tom Njovu.

Yumbe and Njovu who are among the many ZNBC employees Mwanza has branded NDC sympathisers and have been transferred to Livingstone with immediate effect. Chombe is, however, in China attending training organised by TopStar.

“The director human resource has been fired, she has been fired because she refused to sanction some dismissals and transfers last week. Among the people who have been transferred is Chomba Yumbe who is in China currently. He is also the President of Zambia Union of Broadcasters and other Information Disseminators (ZUBID) and senior cameraman. He is supposed to be transferred to Livingstone,”

the sources said.

“Tom Njovu, another cameraman, is supposed to be moved to Livingstone as well; he is ZUBID finance secretary. The director for human resource told [ZNBC director general Richard] Mr Mwanza that the procedure you are following is not correct; we can’t just fire and transfer these people massively on mere suspicion that they are NDC. So they wanted to transfer and fire some of them.”

The sources said ZNBC workers were planning to protest against Mwanza over his management style. The sources said the protest would affect all ZNBC field stations where workers would down tools until Mwanza left.

“ZNBC workers are planning a mass protest against Mwanza, the protests will affect all field stations until he is dismissed because he is a liability now. He cannot be running the company like a monarchy,”

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