‘ZNBC disgusts me’

Dear Editor,

I write to register my utter disgust in the manner the Patriotic Front (PF) controlled Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) skews its reports. Watching the 19:00hrs news Wednesday, December 12, 2012 reminds me of the MMD days.

It is clear to me that the same propaganda the MMD were engaged in is exactly what ZNBC is doing today. The only thing that has changed is the name of the ruling party – from MMD to ruling PF and then the name of the players. In the place of Rupiah Banda, we now have Michael Sata. Chibamba Kanyama should be ashamed of himself to allow such crap to pass for news. I personally, voted for this government in the belief that we could depart from the old ways. Surely, a reporter attends an important press conference addressed by the joint opposition over a matter that threatens our democracy and all one picks is something negative? Is it that the Reporter from ZNBC, Collins Chama is too dull to comprehend the story or is it Chibamba Kanyama who manipulates the news? ZNBC belong to all of us and not PF or Mr Sata.

I expected the national broadcaster at least to also cover the Oasis Forum statement which was brining out serious issues. But alas we are back to the old usual days. But Zambians are more clever now. You can hide the truth but one day this may just explode in your faces.

We must stop paying the K3, 000 TV levy if thats all we can get.

Disgusted viewer

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