ZNBC fires presenter mentioned in MISA K70m fraud

Cleopatra Haamambo, the ZNBC programs presenter has been fired.
The letter of dismissal merely terminates her employement.
Last week, Cleopatra was mentioned in the media as one of the people who allegedely received part of the K70 million diverted from MISA Zambia. Police are currently investigating MISA chairperson Henry Kabwe on allegations of diverting money to an ‘NGO’ where he is the managing director. Some of the money was supposed to be paid to ZNBC as an institution but was allegedelly paid to Cleopatra as an individual. ZNBC conducted its own internal investigation.
MISA also said it investigated the matter and announced that there had been no fraud.
MISA vice chairperson, Felistus Chipako, who is also the chairperson of the NGO where the money is said to have been diverted made the announcement.
But the Watchdog has been informed that the police are ready to make arrests. When Cleopatra received the dismisal letter last evenning, she sent some text messages to her close freinds saying ‘I have been fired. No reasons have been given. I have just received the letter.’

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