ZNBC on Chitotela’s arrest

ZNBC on Chitotela’s arrest

Elias Munshya writes:

This is quite unusual in a normal functioning democracy.

President Lungu sends soldiers, OP and ACC to search an executive government home of a serving minister being investigated for corruption. This is unusual. It is not normal.

What exactly is going on?

Ronald Chitotela Kaoma is being blackmailed for something bigger. The set up in Zambia is that the police can’t search the home of a serving minister without approval from the President.


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    Joyce Banda 1 week ago

    The whole entire Government is corrupt to the core.

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    Tasila 1 week ago

    Lisholi kilisholi what can one make from katondo Street illiterates 

  • comment-avatar
    Ulemona 2 weeks ago

    Even you don’t believe a word of what you’ve written here. Spare us the nonsense 

  • comment-avatar
    Neymor 2 weeks ago

    No one was fired for fire tenders worth millions but chitotela fired for 2 plots. I smell a rat. The truth will soon come out

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    Shimwana 2 weeks ago

    There is no way this government can be moved by corruption,some of the things we read when you consider them in this context now make sense this must be somthing to do with so called Luapula United,it is the only feasible conclusion,yes Chitotela like rest of them is corrupt but that has never been a problem for PF.

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    A person that lacks history memory like njimbu is a danger to Zambia. Mr njimbu sir today you give praise to ECL and drag in HH whose not the president presently but you computer chip only works in support of pf and ECL. Not long ago the same minister was involved in a scandal of a VX from RDA which saw the lady been fired from there and the same office that that great leader was and still occupying, what has changed, were is the fall out coming from now, all a security wing were there. What has chitotela refused to do for the king now. On the other hand police should be given a free working space without Amos Zulu and that street vendor not to interfere then you ‘ll see how many are not corrupted. Even those that resigned Kalaba and chibwili were involved in these acts. No one is clean in PF maybe the old cow maybe. Let the president give the security wings the power today and see how many including yourself ‘ll be in cell tomorrow.

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    abilima 2 weeks ago

    Why is Munshya twisting issues here? ACC investigated and provided evidence to the President as per their Constitutional mandate. The President gives an all go, based on the evidence.

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    This is where Edgar Lungu out smart many politicians who seek to rule Zambia!!The man is very smart and he has political will in almost all sectors.ECL signed a new constitution in 2016,now corrupt civil servants are being fired from civil service and ministers are being arrested for involving themselves in corruption.JUST IMAGINE HOW MANY ZAMBIANS WILL LOVE ECL ON THIS MOVE?UNDER ECL,EVEN PSs AND MINISTERS ARE LONGER SAFE!!This is a president we need in Zambia.ECL walks the talk indeed!!
    Now let Hon.Chitotela explain how he bought those properties which he put in his relative’s name!!BRAVO ECL!!!KAINDE CANT JUST MATCH YOU SIR!even UPND’s medium-Zambiawatchdog is shocked!!!YOU MAKE HISTORY IN ZAMBIA AS A PRESIDENT!!

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    frank 2 weeks ago

    There is something wrong here. He must have offended someone big. We all know the entire government is corrupt,starting at the top. If anything, everyone in government should be arrested. Lets wait and see.

  • comment-avatar
    scare crow 2 weeks ago

    your thinking capacity is filled with sperms