ZNBC owes Chanda Chimba K40m for prophetic documentaries on PF evil

The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, ZNBC, owes Chanda Chimba, III more than K40,000 (K40 million old currency) for the payments made to the national broadcaster for the documentary series Stand Up for Zambia. This is according to a well placed source at ZNBC.

The source has told Zambia Reports that PHIBAJO Productions, the business name under which Chimba was doing business with ZNBC for many years, is according to a reconciled Account Statement code number 305675 owed K40,832,604.10.

This money has been outstanding in since September 2011 when PHIBAJO Productions account with ZNBC was reconciled.

The source has revealed that management has deliberately kept quiet capitalising on what Chimba is going through hoping he may never claim the money when the exact opposite would have happened if it was Chimba owing ZNBC.

“This is why you will remember when Given Lubinda was Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services he quickly and quietly stopped talking about Chimba because he found out that we actually owed him,’’ said the source.

Chimba through his PHIBAJO Productions became an official agent of ZNBC in 2005 and did several transactions with the national broadcaster for which he was paid commission on every programme or commercial advertisement taken for broadcast on Radio or Television.

According to the source terms were such that Chimba could have anything aired on ZNBC with an upfront payment or the commercials or programmes would be aired on account, basically on credit, to be paid later as these are some of the benefits registered agents enjoy.

“So yes sometimes PHIBAJO Productions would owe but this time around ZNBC is owing and there is nothing wrong with that,” the source said.

“Whether Chimba intends to get the money through airtime for programmes or commercials he may wish to run or he wants the money back is something else. But one way or the other we must pay the money,” added the source.


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