ZNBC should be reported to international criminal court

ZNBC should be reported to international criminal court


Is there no one who can report ZNBC director general Malolela Lusambo, ZNBC news casters, minister of information Dora Siliya and PS Amos Malupenga to the international criminal court for airing such toxic hate speech on behalf of PF?

It was such people that incited genocide in Rwanda right? Should we wait until ZNBC incites people to kill each other or should we take a proactive approach? President Lungu was in Monze for political purposes and his political opponents waved at him using their political symbols, so why should ZNBC embark on inciting tribal hatred?

Does ZNBC board chairperson Kapwepwe approve on this hate speech and ethnic incitement on ZNBC?

I have taken time to read comments on social media and listen to statements on main stream media. Most people on Social media seem ok with what transpired in Monze as it was just politics. But ZNBC, apart from suppressing comments and opinions of anyone who is not supporting PF, has gone a step further to promote, air and incite hatred against certain tribes of Zambia.

Ba Lusambo, check your self. This could just be a timely advice to you,
C. R

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