ZNBC threatens FAZ spokesperson as RB backs vote of no confidence on Kalu

ZNBC Management has given Football Association of Zambia Communications Manager ERICK MWANZA a 48 hour ultimatum to apologize for attacking ZNBC journalists.

Management has further condemned the behaviour of Mr. MWANZA who stormed the ZNBC Newsroom on Monday night and verbally attacked journalists on duty over a story on the FAZ meeting in ZURICH.

ZNBC aired a false and fabricated story that FIFA has recognised the Andrew Kamanga group as FAZ.

Mwanza forced ZNBC to retract the lie.

ZNBC Public Relations Officer, MASUZYO NDHLOVU says ZNBC demands an apology because the act was uncalled for and must be condemned.

He says ZNBC has well established channels which Mr. MWANZA could have used to express his grievances.

Mr. Ndlovu says if Mr. Mwanza fails to apologise the corporation will take further action against him.

Mr. Ndlovu says ZNBC management takes strong exception to sources attacking journalists for any reason.

He says the national broadcaster may in future be compelled to seek legal redress for similar incidence.

Mr. Ndlovu has meanwhile assured the public that ZNBC will abide by professional ethics of covering news in a fair, balanced and objective manner.

And Keenddy Gondwe reports for BBC that Zambian President Rupiah Banda says he is happy that Fifa has intervened in the wrangles currently rocking his nation’s favourite sport.

World football’s governing body ruled on Monday that only Kalusha Bwalya is the legitimate president of the Football Association of Zambia (Faz).

However, Fifa says Faz members are free to pass a vote of no-confidence against Bwalya during the body’s annual general meeting next March.

A rival group headed up by Andrew Kamanga has already indicated that it will pass a vote of no-confidence in Bwalya’s committee and force elections.

“They are supposed to be having a meeting in March – the council meeting/AGM of Faz,” said Banda, a veteran football administrator and ardent fan.

Banda, who is also the patron of Faz, said he was happy there was now a possibility of elections during the March meeting.

“I think those who want to pass a vote of no-confidence will then raise the matter and if they succeed, they will then have elections.

“So it’s been a positive thing to say that a new element has been added to it.”

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