ZNBC, Times of Zambia workers not paid

ZNBC, Times of Zambia workers not paid

😀This is the public service broadcaster without salaries

Civil servants and PF cadres working as journalists for ZNBC and Times of Zambia are surviving on nkongole as they have not been paid there salaries.

ZNBC workers have not been paid since last month but they dutifully push government propaganda on empty stomachs. One of their favourite ‘news’ items is how the PF has developed Zambia through unprecedented development
At Times of Zambia it is worse. Last Friday, Unionised workers at the PF newspaper went on work stoppage.

The workers who are owed up to eight months arrears have been angered by a plea from management to bear with them for the delay in paying salaries.

Management in a letter addressed to the workers said the company is facing liquidity problems as the money collected is not enough to meet all expenses such as salaries which take about 75 percent of total cash inflow per month.

Company Managing Director Beston Ng’onga said collection of money by debt collectors has been hard as most companies are facing serious liquidity problems adding that they are trying hard to meet their obligation to workers and with your support and patience will succeed.

“Let us see how much we collect by tomorrow, otherwise we will have no option but to implement batch payment. We are also proposing that money allowing we may have to pay you double salaries this month to avoid accumulating an arrear. this is just a proposal and depends on money collected”, the letter issued by Mr Ng’onga read in part.

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