ZNBC workers not yet paid


ZAMBIA National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) employees have not  been paid their November salaries as Patrotic Front ( PF) used money meant for them to campaign in Ilambo ward in Lupososhi and Milenge Council Chairperson by- elections.

A check by Zambian Watchdog this morning found some employees moving around the corridors with no intrest to work.

” We are tired of this nonsense, our landlords are about to evict us as if we are not qualified journalists and some of us we dumped well paying private media houses thinking this government institution will take care of us but little did we knew that we are being used as weapons to propagand against opposition”, they reviewed.

Meanwhile, employees gathered this afternoon and agreed to blackout all government activities until PF government pay them.

They were suppose to get paid on 21st November 2019 and it’s now two weeks without any single coin.

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