ZNBC’s born and bread, or is it sex and money?

ZNBC’s born and bread, or is it sex and money?

Scene during last born and bred

Do want to know how a little known artist like Mutinta won 3 awards at the born and bred last year? Why Linzy and Kazya were kicked off as presenters only to be replaced by the worst presenters in the history of ZNBC embarrassments?

Want to know the real reason Dandy Crazy cried foul last year?

It is because the people at ZNBC are still allowing the 1man commando Innocent Kalaluka to conduct the born and bred awards on his lonesome leaving disaster to play havoc –and we expect more of that this year.

The man is on a power high and is obsessed with making money from the male artists and sleeping with every female artist hoping to get an award or performing on that platform. And the grand prize a born and bred award. It is no secret that his “sex-mate” Brisky (who is over 13 years his junior) is nominated and is on line up because of the good sex. The sex texts he has been sending to Judy have gone viral among artists as they have been forwarded to every person. Sexing Mampi is really old news and is a long term arrangement. As a fly on the wall, let me tell you how the Born and Bred really works;

Innocent Kalaluka checks out the videos that he hasn’t lost from the past year and then dreams up who he wants to win.

Innocent Kalaluka gets a committee who do not discuss how things should work but are merely informed on how he wants them to work.

Innocent Kalaluka hand picks the anonymous judges for the awards (Big Rob and Owas Mwape and a ZNBC employee Mampi Musweu – talk about anonymous hahaha).

Innocent Kalaluka gets bribes from male artists and embarks on a sexathone from different female artists.

Innocent decides who gave out the most and tells the judges who to favour…

Innocent gives the judges a bit of the cuts and they also receive a few bribes from the artists.

This year Innocent has ensured that the people he picks to win do win by making the “anonymous’ judges have 60% vote power… this means your vote doesn’t really matter. So if an artist cries foul they can say it was the judges.

He has also ensured to kill the competition in categories where he wants someone to win by coming up with flimsy reasons e.g. CQ’s video which was shot and edited by Nigerian video producer who does Psquare videos was removed from the competition ati because it was shot outside zed by an outsider…nonsense… JK has paid big time to get that award – and anyone who knows him knows JK has no kaso with issues such as these. Another Example is video by Adora were removed from female category on grounds they are interested party (Adora is managed by Owas). So why didn’t innocent think of interested parties when Owas’ wife was nominated for an award last year?….the real reason is Adora beyond his latest fascination for Scarlet an unknown artist who he is gunning for to win.

All the artists have complaints: Why won’t these and all other artists speak out? Because they fear being banned by Innocent as he banned ZNBC air play of Dandy Crazy music and videos after he cried foul when his award was sold to Macky2 and Mutinta when she stated facts when she said she could not attend the awards due to poor organisation. Lina and Kazya got kicked off the show because they complained to him.

All in all, the awards idea is a good idea…. We are just unhappy with the way they are conducted…please ZNBC and ACC and ZAM… get to work on this Jokestar…. Twachula pafula.


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