ZNFU says Siliya has sabotaged, damaged Lungu forever

ZNFU says Siliya has sabotaged, damaged Lungu forever

Dora Siliya has sabotaged and damaged Edgar Lungu forever-ZNFU

Zambia’s agriculture is dying, Zambia National Farmers Union president Jervis Zimba has raised the alarm.

“What is happening in the agriculture sector is a complete economic sabotage of the worst kind, agriculture is dying. Right now, agriculture is systematically being destroyed and we see that this country will in next 15 or 20 months be importing maize,” says Zimba.

“The President was wrongly advised and we believe that all people that have been peddling all these issues regarding agriculture, starting from last year up to now, I think it’s high time the President checked on it. Up to now, you can imagine that the farmers that sold maize to FRA three or four months ago have not been paid.”

” And then the e-voucher is a total disaster because to date, the farmers are not redeeming and the government has not put in counter funding for the farmers to start getting inputs. One side, FRA is not disbursing the money and the other side, government has not put in funds.”

“We have never had a situation where by December, farmers have had no access to inputs and anybody who has not planted maize up to the 15th [December], it means whenever they plant, their yields will be poor.”

“And again, you can see that we are under the threat of army worms. All these things compounded together, I think we either don’t know where we are going as a nation or don’t know where we are coming as

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