ZNS commander accused of stinking corruption

ZNS commander accused of stinking corruption

Zambia National Service (ZNS) commandant Nathan Mulenga has been accused of a string of corrupt activities.

According to CIC, General Mulenga has numerous active cases at the Anti-Corruption Commission ( ACC).

CIC says the ACC got interested in the ZNS boss 5 years ago when he walked into National Pensions Authority and bought property worth k20 million cash, a deal facilitated by a Mr Mtonga at NPA. He has since registered 3 of these houses in the name of his 3 daughters. The following year, against professional advice he sent his girlfriend, a 45 year old Cynthia Chitoshi for training as an officer. Cynthia Chitoshi who has swiftly risen to a Captain in just 4 years did not qualify to be sent for training because of age and did not have the required qualifications to become an officer. We shall in the next days detail the recruitment rot at ZNS which has been supported by Gen Mulenga. This is a story for another day. This has since opened a both professional conduct paradox and a chain of corrupt practices. Zambians may wish to know that Mr BO a Chinese national who supplies ZNS has built a state of the art house for Gen Mulenga in Chalimbana at a place previously owned by a Mr Lazo. This is in exchange of many inflated contracts that he gets from ZNS with Gen Mulenga’s facilitation using different companies. A company called Shangai JIbo belonging to Mr. Bo built a wall fence in Chamba valley hall which it did not finish and was paid in full. The company later rebranded to Eagle King which within a year of incorporation got a contract to build a wall fence at ZNS LD branch at a cost of a whooping k20 million kwacha. On Gen Mulenga’s facilitation, the money was paid in full ignoring all queries and advises. Eagle king was latter given a contract to erect solar lights in LD branch and Chamba valley at a cost of k14 million, it went on to renovate a one roomed junior officers mess at a cost of k2 million. The PF government may wish to know that under Gen Mulenga’s watch, the service procured second hand Toyota ambulances at a cost of $99,000 each when the original tender insisted on brand new ambulances. In the same period, AVIC supplied substandard and out of specs drilling rigs to ZNS which up to now have failed to perform and have been parked. A check at LD branch confirms this substandard, nonfunctional drilling rigs parked and accumulating dust. They cant sell them and they have failed to re surrender them to the supplying Company because Gen Mulenga received a huge cut from the deal.

Gen Mulenga’s children who are less than 30 by the way also supply the service at inflated price using a company called Yetusani. They have since received a total of k46.4 million kwacha in payments from ZNS the past 10 years. A company called New Era with links to his children received a payment of k760 thousand kwacha for the renovations of a C.O’s house in Kitwe. The company has however not done the job and have not been pursued. Without following procedure, ZNS paid k10 million to a company called Myway limited which belongs to Suzan Sata for supply of stationary to the service headquarters. The same company was paid k1.4 million kwacha for the construction of a toilet in makeni. Its worth noting that, most of these funds that are generated from these deals end up in Gen Mulenga’s pockets that he uses to fund the lavish life styles of girlfriends. Mokoodi ltd, a campany owned by a South African woman was paid k4 million for the supply of blankets. You may also wish to wonder what kind of blankets costs that much. Mike Zulus company called craytech was paid k20 million for renovating a parade square in Kabwe and a company called Precision was also paid the same amount to do the same job. So, 2 firms where paid the same amount of money to do the same job.
The money that Gen Mulenga makes from these deals is used to finance his 29 year old girlfriend only known as Moddy. He has acquired 18 brand new buses for her and secured a transportation contract at pick n pay for her. These buses ferry pick n pay workers to and from all outlets every day. He has also built a mansion for her using contract kick backs and organized corruption. So, why is such a man still Commandant of ZNS? Our answer is just as good as yours, we all don’t know, we all don’t understand.


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