ZNS to handle major government projects


Government says it will use the Zambia National Services ZNS to handle major projects in infrastructure and agriculture sectors.

Defense Minister Ambros Lufuma says the service has the capacity to deliver major projects like road construction at a lower cost compared to private firms.

Mr. Lufuma was speaking during the ZNS 2021 unit commanders’ conference in Lusaka.

And ZNS Commandant Lieutenant General Maliti Solochi said the service has the capacity to contribute to national development.

General Maliti also said road construction is another area that the service has capacity to deliver at a lower cost.

He said further pledged to work with Government to actualize its vision of making Zambia a food basket in the region.

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    Allan 2 weeks ago

    This is a serious dream. Zambia had Roads Department under Ministry of Works and supply, we had a lot of bottle necks and nothing moved.

    This is space for private sector. Let ZNS engage in Agriculture and other manufacturing eg bicycles and machineries.

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    Ngoma Yamaano 2 weeks ago

    What is the role and mandate of ZNS? Why should ZNS take over work which could be done by private sector in the mistaken thinking that ZNS is cheaper? Let relevant ministries responsible for roads and agriculture undertake open tenders so the privates sector can bid and then take a tender which shows value for money to undertake works or services. When will Zambian private sector gain experience in roads and other works to demonstrate when competing for works in other countries? What do we gain by having a taxpayer subsidised ZNS do roads and other works which could have been done by the private sector?

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    Something needs to happen if ZNS is to handle major government projects. Do they produce annual accounts? How do costs and revenues relate to each other? Why hv the Chinese been building houses for the police and other uniformed services?

    • comment-avatar
      Sosage Bambi munani 2 weeks ago

      Very serious question theat needs answers from all Zambians!! Whiy let the Chinese build infrastructure and houses for our security personnel? Am pretty sure the Chinese can get away with any crime under PF

      • comment-avatar
        Observer 2 weeks ago

        The Chinese are a major problem for Zambia, they are not the friends that they want you to think they are . Beware !

  • comment-avatar
    Ngoma Yamaano 2 weeks ago

    Why should ZNS crowd out the private sector using subsidies from taxpayer money?? Better to use ZNS in areas where the private sector is not suitable to participate. This behaviour of crowding out the private sector doesnt lead to sustainable economic growth. We need to develop a competitive private sector that can even compete for road works in other countries in the region.