‘Zone six suppliers not yet paid’

Dear Hon. Kambwili
i write to air my displeasure to the Zone six Local organising committee for the way they are treating us as suppliers.
We are aware sir that the government called this event a success because we did everything posible as suppliers to give them our services even in the absence of any contractual terms as they came mainly at the last minute.
our payments are not processed upto this time and its not just about payments but even paperwork is not done. LPO’s are not done.
Most of us borrowed to finance these activities at a cost and at this slow pace they are handling our matter our profits are being swallowed by the cost of borowing.
they threatened to blacklist some of us when we said we cannot work in the absence of LPO’s. they asured us that they would  normalise the process in due course.
Minister, understand that most of us are small companies mainly run by youth and we depend heavily on working capital to finance operations. Its christmass time and also monthend and we have to pay Salaries, Bonuses and Taxes. Where will we find the money?
We are urging you Minister to look into this issue as we are convinced that monies were allocated to this event and someone is causing all these promblems that will kill business.
We are reliably informed that funds were put for this function and the answeres given by the procurement personel, a Mr Malungo on 0977804810, that they do not have funds any more upto this time are very misleading and inacurate.
we will not accept the tread of brown envelops to come back again in this generation.  the civil service needs to be upto date and in tandem with the leadership if we are to move forward as a nation.
thank you.
      Frustrated Supplier.

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