Zoona is collapsing very fast

Zoona is collapsing very fast

12143101_10154319760574418_4454765558965717287_nBa Watchdog please hide my ID but pleases tell the nation what’s going on here at Zoona in both countries it operates because its the poor people that will lose money in this scheme.

Zoona has gone broke as the directors borrowed money from abroad in Forex and as you the Kwacha is not doing fine against the dollar so the repayments have become very high such that the operations can’t sustain. So as a company we are really struggling to pay back the loan.

What is surprising is that the top management didn’t use the loan money well because all what they bought is a server that houses the system in Cape Town.

The rest of the money was used on having binge parties where the directors and managers shamelessly bought beer and smoked dagga and exchange sex and blowjobs in orgy’s that take place in Lusaka, Malawi and South Africa where the Head Office is situated.

Zoona is not owned by indigenous Zambians. The actual name is Mobile Transactions Zambia Limited Trading as Zoona. In Zambia they only have a sales office. Everything including the call centre is in the Head Office in Cape town. They just use a catchy local phrase for sales.

And now just recently after noticing that the loan payment was due they decided to offer shares to us employees and secretly encouraged us to get loans from banks to buy shares from the bogus share scheme. Managements plan was to raise part of the money from us employees to go towards the loan payment, they think us employees are daft. Since this isn’t sufficient the difference of late is currently being covered by way of using clients monies that remain in the system every day like when someone sends money and the receiver doesn’t collect it immediately There is a lot of money that ‘sleeps’ in the transactions account. This is the money that they use to repay the loan. So what happens is that when you send money sometimes the recipient is told that the system is down until more people send money they then use to pay the first person that was delayed and the cycle goes on. This is broad daylight robbery and that’s why I am forced to reveal these plans.

The problem is that the big fish of Zoona are all in South Africa and if the company goes under there is nowhere Zambians and Malawians will go to claim their monies. In order to raise monies as a company we have become so desperate that we now also lend out kaloba to those so called agents and use the booth as collateral. When we question this as employees we are told a big fish at BOZ is aware of the loans and since BOZ know we are untouchable. Moreover there is no unit at BOZ that directly supervises mobile money. When the poor agents earn their commissions the system automatically deducts the monies for the loan but all the agents complain that ever since getting these loans for the booths the loan balance doesn’t move and this is tantamount to slavery and that’s why you see the booths open daily, its not customer service but slavery that makes them open the booths otherwise what they get as commission is peanuts.

So the plan hatched by management is that if an agent inquires strongly about this daylight robbery we are instructed as employees to threaten them with re-possessing the booth. Since most of them come from very poor backgrounds they fear and stop asking questions.

A drunk director based in South Africa one day revealed that the local laws in Malawi and Zambia are weak and useless coz they know a country that has not signed an extradition treaty with Zambia and this is where they will relocate to in order to avoid arrest and repatriation back to Zambia to answer cases of fraud. And that is why they chose to invest in these two countries in the first place because they can easily buy their way out of trouble even by using a bottle of Jameson.

Now in all this is our local Manager called Lelemba who is married to a vagabond called Sandras a shameless and irresponsible man and addict that encourages her to bonk the white directors at these binge parties to keep her job and to ensure he drinks like a fish at these orgies without shame. He isn’t an employee of Zoona but is ever following his wife. He even follows the wife when she goes to shout at DJ Gesh when he is late in sending the two children’s monthly ration fees that Gesh Groove has with her out of wedlock. Lelemba is busy trying to find an equity partner to buy off Zoona even when she is fully aware that with the mobile companies offering mobile money it is no longer an attractive company to invest in.

All this is out of fear that when all the directors flee to that country they always boast about bank of Zambia will ensure that she is arrested. Of late she has been coming back to Zambia a lot after her brief move to South Africa because she also contributed to chewing this loan and the directors have tasked her to find a solution. She was all over globe trotting the past one year with the so called directors boozing and binging the loan money. The directors know she is a bimbo and so they carry her along like a monkey dropping peanuts for her that she picks thinking she has reached. Whereas the white directors will go and hide in that country they boast she will come back home in disgrace. Please ba Watchdog kindly post so that people are aware with what is happening here.

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