ZPPA has not been producing financial reports since 2011

ZPPA has not been producing financial reports since 2011

Another scandal.

This time at the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA). ZPPA has not produced any financial report from 2011 to date as mandated by the ZPPA Act.

A source at the Ministry of Finance says this development makes it extremely difficult to track the abuse of Public tenders.

Meanwhile, the ZPPA Director General Danies Chisenda has been frequenting State House to have one of the directors who was fired for objecting to the monopoly of Avic reinstated because she may open a Pandora box once she sues for wrongfull dismissal.

” ZPPA as a regulator in public procurement just like ZICTA, ERB and others is supposed to publish annual reports but it has not done so from the time the PF came into power,” the source said. It is reported that the annual reports indicate which tenders where single sourced, cancelled or varied. “The reports will show which tender was singled sourced, why it was single sourced, which tender was varied or cancelled and why. This is not happening and the reason is simple. These are public documents so every would know the corruption being perpetuated by these Koswes,” Meanwhile, the ZPPA Director General Chisenda is reported to be spending sleepless nights after one of the directors who had access to the said information was fired. Gloria Ngoma who was Director Standards and Inspection was relieved of her duties early last year for objecting to the monopolistic awarding of single sourced tenders to Avic International. Mr. Chisenda is worried that once Ms. Ngoma sues, the whole abuse will be uncovered. State House has since instructed that the lady be reinstated and a position of Deputy Director General be created for her.

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