ZR boss Attanga in K500,000 irregular loan, threatens to dismiss Accounts staff

Zambia Railways Managing Director Muyenga Attanga has irregularly obtained a K500,000 loan from the company’s $120m Eurobond before he is even confirmed and there are fears that if he is not confirmed, the money will not be paid back.

And Following the exposure of PF abuse of the Eurobond money and Attanga’s K36,000 theft, the thieving CEO has now summoned all staff in Accounts payable in Kabwe and Lusaka to his office where he has threatened them with dismissals for suspected leaking information to this publication.

The source said the mood in the company is very low among all staff because of Attanga’s unstoppable abuse of resources because of his connections in the PF through his wife who is party deputy secretary general and girlfriend to useless Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba.

 “Attanga has been abusing resources with impunity because he knows that he cannot be fired due to his wife’s position in the PF, the mood is very low because now things may even get worse than they were in RSZ,” said the source.

Attanga’s obtaining of the loan is contrary to company regulations as he is still in an Acting capacity, the Eurobond money was meant for recapitalization of Zambia Railways and as things stand the railway line rehabilitation project has suffered a big setback.

And the Watchdog has obtained information on the glaring abuse of resources in ZR perpetuated by this ‘Professor’ Attanga which include the purchase of vehicles for PF officials, award of tender to rehabilitate the railway line to incompetent party cadres, theft of hard cash and many more, in the coming days we shall expose them one by one.

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