ZRA, Airtel in K580 m tax scam

ZRA, Airtel in K580 m tax scam

– ZRA bosses, solicitor general bribed with multimillion contract to write off Airtel tax

On 27 July 2018, Zambia Revenue Authority Assistant Director for Exsize Unit Patience Siame wrote a letter to Airtel Networks demanding K580million plus in unpaid taxes.

The Zambian media was flooded with the news story. Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala challenged ZRA to close Airtel at Supersonic speed just like ZRA did with the Post Newspapers. Over a year from the date of the letter, Airtel has not paid the over due tax. Here is why?

Now information has emerged why Airtel has been left out of the hook. Airtel through two companies called Huwei Technology and IHS has awarded a multi million Dollar contract to a company owned by ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda’s nephew Mathews Mwewa and Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa.

The company GNM Projects Limited has been given a contracf to erect and maintain telecommunication towers for Airtel in exchange for the debt.

According to a source, the main contractors for Airtel are Huwaei and IHS. When Airtel was asked to give GNM Projects a contract, Airtel asked the two main contractors to subcontract GNM.

A source at ZRA has also disclosed that ZRA has stopped pursuing the taxes with Airtel.

“At first we were told that Airtel wanted time to challenge the figures. Now the issue has died. A friend to the owners of GNM who used to own Prime Pub in Chandwe Musonda has also been given a contract to do Landscaping at ZRA headquarters. He was single sourced,” one source said.

According to documents obtained from the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA), the company is registered in Zambia at Plot No 52 Roan Road Kabulonga.

The Postal Address is a house number in Gardenia Avondale Lusaka. The email address is not for a reputable company as it is a simple Gmail. When one googles the company, information indicates the company is South African.

Other Directors in the company are a Lazarous D. Roy South African, Longa Sipula a Zambian and a Ronald M. Ntshingila also a South African. See Pacra documents.

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