ZRA board to act on corrupt director as ACC moves in

The Zambia Revenue Authority board will tomorrow meet to decide the fate of Director of Investigations George Siame after the Zambian Watchdog exposed Siame’s corruption. According to a source the board late last year instructed the Anti Corruption Commission to institute investigation after the exposure.

” After reading on Zambian Watchdog that Siame had received bribes from Blue Finance, ACC was called in and a report has been submitted to the board.

It is bad I doubt if he will survive” the source said. Further it is believed that Siame has been receiving Kick backs from Handymans Paradise and Micmar Hardware. The Watchdog last year published several stories about Siame’s dealings. Siame was one time fired and prosecuted for assaulting his boss.

When the PF came into power, Siame was brought back and became Director Investigations. He fired every one who testified against him including head of Internal Affairs Juba Banda. Siame became more powerful than Commissioner General Berlin Msiska.

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