ZRA boss accused of conniving with Trade Kings

ZRA boss accused of conniving with Trade Kings

Editor ,

Trade Kings is  using ZRA commissioner General Kingsley CHANDA to fix their  trade competitors by slapping them with heavy Tax bills and fake cases of under valuing imported goods,

Kingsley’s CHANDA’s clearing company nyasi is the one which Audits trade kings and clears goods on there behalf, you can never find a trade kings truck stuck at the border a minimum period a trade Kings truck can stay at the border is 2 hours all his border stuff have been made aware to quickly clear any truck carrying trade kings imports

We challenge the President to send op officers to investigate the cartel which Kingsley Chanda and his two officers from mobile compliance unit namely MR KASAPATO AND MR MFULA the two have seriously become arrogant and big headed. We challenge the President to investigate the situation prevailing at Chirundu were ZRA is seriously harassing Agents and truck Driver, other truck drivers have spent more that one month at the border just waiting for there trucks to be cleared while Kingsley and his cartel have paid a deaf hear because the marooned trucks have got nothing to do with trade kings

Imagine one truck of alcohol headed for COMESA market is charged K1.2 million in duty, were will a common marketer get that amount, just common Salaula headed for Soweto Market were The PF voters are found is being charged K400 000 in Duty. Were will innocent traders get that money from?

The President should watch Kingsley Chanda’s moves very well Because in the process of impressing the President that his working and raising his targets, his seriously making him unpopular especially in Chirundu

Let the President open his eyes, Kingsley Chanda is killing the party and what it stands for!!


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