ZRA boss chased for lying about employement figures

ZRA boss chased for lying about employement figures

A Parliamentary select committee on Tuesday  sent away Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Berlin Msiska for cheating on the number of formal jobs created by the Patriotic Front Government.
When he appeared before the parliamentary select committee chaired by MMD Chembe Member of Parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima, Mr. Msiska told the committee that there were 550,000 formal jobs in 2011 but the number had increased to 847,420 in 2012.

Msiska however forgot that in the same committee there was Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane who was Minister of Finance in 2011. Dr. Musokotwane then told Mr. Msiska that as a former Minister of Finance and responsible for national statistics, he was aware that there were 700,000 formal jobs in 2011. Mr. Mbulakulima then wondered why the ZRA boss wanted to give a wrong impression to the committee.

The committee that also comprised Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo then resolved to send the ZRA chief away and asked him to appear again before the committee on Monday next week with real figures tabulating employment created sector by sector.

“Now you are giving us different statistics. I don’t seem to understand,” Dr Musokotwane said.
United Party for National Development (UPND) Mazabuka member of Parliament Garry Nkombo said going by the figures given by ZRA, poverty levels should have reduced because it means that employment or investment has grown by 65 percent.
Mr Mbulakulima then requested Mr Msiska to return on Monday with “accurate” statistics.
“Give us accurate national figures. Come back on Monday and categorise the jobs created so far,” Mr Mbulakulima said.
He said jobs are very important to people because they bring dignity and self-esteem.
“Young people are looking for jobs and every government commits itself to creating jobs,” he said.
Mr Mbulakulima said unemployment is considered a major challenge that Zambia is facing and some sectors of society have doubted the 200,000 jobs so far created by Government.

PF officials including those working at State House have been announing different figures  as the number of jobs have they have created.


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