ZRA boss condemned for nepotism, partisan attitude

* Should not be discussing ZRA board matters with outsider
* ZRA should not treat tax evaders according to political affiliations
* Should not have brought in nepotism

Writes Kunda Katwishi Kalaba

That time in ones lifetime when nights become so Long! You can’t sleep properly because you are expecting that much dreaded call from Plot1, MOF, the Board or from anywhere including inquisitive friends and relatives! I call it “The Fear Factor”,

“The Sembe Moments”! ZRA-CG Kingsley Chanda and Chanda Nyela (Both Bemba’s from Chinsali District) Private Telephone Conversation has already gone viral and haywire on Social Media! My take on that conversation! I listened to all the recordings yesterday and today. I’m a concerned citizen of Zambia. Disclaimer Caveat.

I don’t know Chanda Nyela and I know nothing much about him. I personally know Kingsley Chanda the current ZRA CG and since he currently holds a Public Office In trust on behalf of we the People of Zambia, I’m tempted to share my thoughts. No malice, mischief or injury intended. No love lost. I stayed with KC on the same 1st Floor as Neighbours when he came as a Fresher and I was in 4th year at UNZA in 1989/90. That was Kwacha 1 in Room 22 ku Ruin pa UNZA.

We worked together when KC was with SGS and I was with GRZ. We were neighbours in Woodlands and friends/colleagues. We have chilled together at O’hagans, Shakas, Inters and Mulungushi. Lol!

Firstly, the CG should not have been discussing ZRA Policy matters with an outsider. Board should be concerned. ZRA CG should not be disclosing ZRA operation of Smuggling things from Nakonde Boarder via Livingstone with an outsider – Chanda Nyela! The Board should review and determine. ZRA CG must not have brought in Political Parties in such a conversation – PF and UPND.

ZRA doesn’t or should not treat Zambian citizens and Tax Payers, Tax Evaders or Smugglers based on Political Affiliations. PR Damage control has a mammoth task to correct the impression created in that conversation. ZRA CG Kingsley Chanda and Chanda Nyela should Not have brought in Nepotism, Chinsali (Wako ni Wako Tribal talk) just because one of the alleged ZRA facilitator of the Smuggling Rings In Nakonde using Livingstone Boarder hails from Chinsali.

As KC indicated, let the internal Disciplinary process take its own course. CG should not even come anywhere near the process now after stating he would see after the process. He must recuse himself even during the appeal process. ZRA CG must not have expressed Political inclination towards PF by proclaiming affinity to PF. ZRA CG proclamations that those Smugglers are using UPND supported-operated clearing Agencies for their intended mischief of Tax evasion requires Policy Directives that Office bearers become Apolitical. One would think ZRA staff Are Apolitical.

Should not discuss Politics even if they believed in Mulyokela’s Manifesto. Finally, the ZRA CG was too quick to disclose ZRA case details to a PF Cadre Bemba chap from Chinsali known as Chanda Nyela (The Need to Know Basis and Policy May have been breached and MOF & Board May have to review)! But again maybe expecting Professionalisms and Professionals not having Political Inclination May be asking for too much in our Motherland land! Ise ni so chabe! I wish the ZRA CG can extricate himself and come out clean on this one and learn some very important and salient lessons from this.

It would be a near miss! Sembe moment!

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