ZRA boss in sexual scandal

ZRA boss in sexual scandal

ZRA commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has been involved in sexual scandal with a married woman, sources within the ZRA in Lusaka have disclosed.

Chanda is further accused of sleeping with small girls at Buzz cafe and other places.

Meanwhile, the sexual relationship between Zambia’ tax collector number one Kingsley Chanda and his concubine named Dorcas N’guni, allegedly caused the strike and eventual death of her husband Martin Simwinga.

Sources report that despite the ‘late husband to Ms Dorcas Nguni pleading with Commissioner General Chanda to stop having sex with his wife (Dorcus), he refused to listen and threatened to take the same poor victim (owner of the woman he was going out with) to court’.

‘Sadly due to depression, the Husband to Dorcas Nguni (Mr Martin Simwinga) died because of stroke after finding out that she has been sleeping with her for more than 5 years and that she was not willing to stop,’ said a source.

And since the death of the husband, the ZRA Commissioner General has been sleeping with her and paying for her rentals much to the disgrace of the family to the late Martin Simwinga.

N’guni Simwinga was a businessman selling gold and other stones. But after her husband’s business went down, Dorcus resorted to sleeping around with government directors until she found herself in the arms of the ZRA Commissioner.

According to sources, the husband developed a stroke after finding nude pictures of his wife with Kingley Chanda in a hotel room.

It is reported that during the funeral, Dorcas pretended to faint just to fool people that she really loved her late husband when the opposite is true.

Meanwhile, disturbing reports indicate that the ZRA Boss together with his named friends has been abusing women of different kinds including young ones some as young as 15 at a place called Buzz Cafe at Cross roads within the Capital City.

‘Buzz Cafe is a place where the ZRA Boss gives vulnerable young girls money and after sleeping with them for months before dumping them and making them sick as he is reported positive,’ said another source.

‘”The Commissioner is really abusing young girls and one wonders why he has not been arrested for defilement. I remember seeing him drinking with a minor before taking her in his room for sex”, said the source.

The ZRA Commissioner General (Mr Kingsley Chanda) popularly known as KCis is married to a lady called Jean and has three kinds; 2 girls and a boy.
PICTURE: The Man in glasses is the Womanizer ZRA Commissioner General (Kingsley Chanda), Woman in PF regalia and in jean skirt is Ms Dorcas Ng’uni who is the wife to the late Martin Simwinga and the prostitute for the ZRA Boss, and lastly, the Man in the black top is the unfairly treated late Martin Simwinga.

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